iced peach white tea lemonade

believe it or not, I didn’t start drinking tea or coffee until I started working!  nowadays I like something warm to drink in the morning at work, and something iced after lunch to ward away potential food coma.  I like starbucks’ iced tea lemonade, but after awhile it can get pretty pricey.  so earlier this month when I saw this photo by @hannahmosborn on instagram, and I was inspired to make iced tea lemonade at home too!!

I did a little research on how to make iced tea (hot brew vs. cold brew, I’d never made iced tea before), and settled on the following instructions:


tools and ingredients:  lemonade, tea bags, kettle to heat up water, and glass.  while I used peach mango white tea bags, you can use your favorite tea!  I think black, green, or white tea would probably work best.


brew  the tea as if you were making hot tea.  I don’t like my tea too strong, so I added 12oz. of hot water to 1 tea bag, and steeped the (white) tea for 2min. as directed by the tea packaging.


chill the tea.  pour half a glass of tea.



add a quarter of a glass of lemonade to the brewed tea.  (I originally added half tea half lemonade for a white-tea-arnold-palmer, but it was too sour for me.  I found that a 2:1 tea to lemonade ratio worked best!)


add ice and enjoy!  (these instructions made two glasses of iced tea lemonade.)

workspace wednesday // 2

for this week’s workspace wednesday, I thought I’d feature both the current status of my desk dining table, and a glimpse of my day job.  this week is a mixture of excitement and sadness because it’s my last week at my current job, so I wanted to briefly feature it to commemorate the end of an era.  while I’m excited for #funemployment and what my new job has in store for me, I’m sad to leave my colleagues and work.

workspace wed 07-23 01

here’s a peek at week 29 in progress.  once my photos are printed and trimmed, I lay them out on the page protector I’m using (or in this case the cardboard that came with the project life binder) and organize them a bit (mostly I look out for areas that seem too photo heavy) with project life cards.  then I pull out that month’s studio calico kit and place embellishments (or the entire packaging) on the photo/card I want to use them on (thus the entire label sheet half-covering one of the cards).  I like seeing how all the colors and embellishments work together before pulling out my tape runner.

workspacewed 07-23 02

while my commute to my craft workspace is a short one – just through the kitchen area to the dining table! – my commute to work is substantially longer.  thankfully the view is pretty amazing (see exhibit a above!), lanes are wider so it doesn’t feel as congested, and it’s a good amount of quiet time to listen to podcasts and audio books.  I’m currently listening to “The Art of Fielding” (come find me on goodreads!  I’m always looking for recommendations), and for a book on baseball, I’m enjoying it so far!

workspacewed 07-23 03

I can’t get enough of my view at work.  it’s a million dollar view of SFO and the peninsula, and I get paid to be here.  oh yeah, and the sunrises are gosh darn amazing too.

workspacewed 07-23 04

these two.  evil triplets.  J+J+honoraryJ.  I’ve had (way) too much fun with these two over the years, and I’ll miss them dearly.  (eggette!)

project life // week 23

2014 week 23_01

helloo june!  I’m always a little bit antsy for the first 10 days of the month.  I know that month’s studio calico kit is en route, I know exactly what’s coming to me (I’m not the only one that zooms in on the photos to see every little bit and bob, right?), all of my photos for the first week are printed already, but I can’t start any spreads until that month’s kit arrives!  it was even worse in june when I knew that “june” script wood veneer was coming soon enough.  blargh I say!

but my kit finallyyy arrived, and I’m glad I waited to start week 23′s spread!  the PL card colors seemed to work really well with my photos and memorabilia, and I was way too excited to use the “aloha” stamp set.  (Boy Wonder will tell you I was literally bouncing up and down when I successfully added that stamp set to my cart.)

2014 week 23_02

week 23 wasn’t very eventful, so I ended up including a lot of photos from picnic at the presidio with some friends.  Boy Wonder and I are no strangers to this foodie heaven meetup, but our friends were newbies and we were excited they were able to come!  we used to see each other daily at school, but with our work schedules these days, it’s a treat to be able to meet up with everybody.


What is Project Life?  Project Life is a product, system, and lifestyle created by Becky Higgins.  It is a simplified way to approach scrapbooking – “pocket-page” scrapbooking rather than “traditional” scrapbooking.  I aim for chronological, weekly spreads to document my everyday, but you can use Project Life however you want.  All of my 2014 Project Life spreads are available here.