project life // week 32

2014 week 32_01

week 32 was a bit eclectic.  sometimes I actually take the time to plan out photos, and then other times, I just print all of my favorites and hope for the best.  heh.

2014 week 32_02

“shine bright” from sandlot deserved some extra stars.

2014 week 32_03

“SCOOP” fit our giant ice cream scoops perfectly!

2014 week 32_04

I know I used this photo for a previous scrapbook spread, but I liked it too much to just use it once.  <3 exploring with Boy Wonder!

SC snapshot // week 3

week 3 of #SCsnapshot!  I didn’t post daily towards the end of the week, mostly because we were out of town and my data plan was reaching its limits (oops).  but can’t complain, as our mini weekend trip provided pretty good inspiration for those prompts!

SCsnapshot 15

15 | T E X T U R E  another oldie from a trip to geneva.  I loved the juxtaposition between the mini-field, concrete statue, and billowing scaffold in the distance.

SCsnapshot 16

16 | U P S I D E D O W N  without getting into too much detail, this pile of paper makes my head churn every which way.

SCsnapshot 17

17 | R E F L E C T I O N  this is another oldie that I came across while scrolling down IG memory lane, and happens to be of me & Boy Wonder during our dating days (while taking in the view of our school)!

SCsnapshot 18

18 | C U R A T E  thanks jcrew for such great love notes to my closet.

SCsnapshot 19

19 | F O U R  four feets this weekend. we’ve been getting some not-so-subtle “encouragement” to expand our family of two, but we’re enjoying our freedom right now!

SCsnapshot 20

20 | WHERE YOU ARE  california. napa. #westcoastbestcoast #nofilter

SCsnapshot 21

21 | L I G H T  fluffy bed + morning light


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