travel thursday // chicago part 1

Boy Wonder and I have a few friends working & studying in chicago, so we’ve been meaning to make a trip out there to visit them for quite some time now!  we finally pulled the trigger and booked our trip for the first weekend in october (and crossed our fingers for some not-too-humid/not-too-polar-vortex fall weather).  one of my besties also came down for the weekend, and it was awesome to hang out with everyone and see the windy city.

I took a few too many photos in just under four days, so I’m splitting my chicago photos into two posts!  this one will focus on sights, and the next will focus on food (duh).  also, I should say thank you to kelly purkey for so many good recommendations (that I’ve been bookmarking for years now!).

chicago 01

<3 window seats.  might’ve taken some hyperlapses while we were taxiing too.

chicago 02


chicago 03

bp bridge.  unfortunately we couldn’t go all the way across because it was closed due to park renovations on the other side.  still a stunner, gehry.

chicago 04

buckingham fountain for a lovely water display.

chicago 05

Boy Wonder & JJG were nice to humor me and my #fromwhereistand photos

chicago 06

tiffany dome @ the chicago cultural center.  we might’ve gotten a bit lost trying to find this dome ;)

chicago 07 chicago 08

hid from the rain at the art institute.

chicago 09

in case you were wondering, the women’s restroom at the signature lounge has the very best view.  who knew?

chicago 10

love the lights at the chicago theater.

chicago 11

“best   offee e    .” at heritage.

chicago 12

snuck in between an engagement shoot and two baby/family photo shoots for a photo.

chicago 13

seriously now.  those blue skies!  thanks for the great views, lincoln park.

chicago 14

typical.  stay tuned for chicago eats next week!

project life // week 35

we’re about 2/3 through this year, and I’m still loving this crafting project.  I love how it gets photos off my phone and into my hands, and how my pages basically make up a yearbook for us!

2014 week 35_01

I hoarded the gray feather print card, gold top/bottom label card, “you make me happy when skies are gray” card, and “the future belongs…” card for the longest time.  so happy I got to use all of them in this spread.

2014 week 35_02

I’m attempting to include more of Boy Wonder’s activities into project life (not just the things we do together, but things he does on his own), so I nabbed his Giant’s ticket before it ended up in the trash and made sure it got included this week.

2014 week 35_03


What is Project Life?  Project Life is a product, system, and lifestyle created by Becky Higgins.  It is a simplified way to approach scrapbooking – “pocket-page” scrapbooking rather than “traditional” scrapbooking.  I aim for chronological, weekly spreads to document my everyday, but you can use Project Life however you want.  All of my 2014 Project Life spreads are available here.