project life // weeks 4 & 5

despite this being a post about project life weeks 4 & 5, I’m not behind, I promise!  I’ve been keeping up with project life this year, mostly because I don’t want to be playing catch up later.  like I did for 2011.  and 2012.  and 2013.  oops?

week 4 (pre-studio calico kit subscription)

2014 week 4

and week 5 (post-studio calico kit subscription)

2014 week 5

love never fails

hai there.  I promise I haven’t disappeared completely.  Boy Wonder and I were off traveling for a little bit (documentation in the form of project life coming soon!), and now that we’re home, I’m feeling a little wistful for more adventures.  to help settle my aimlessness, I welcomed new desktop scenery for my work computer.  happy april!


thank you kelli trontel & thorn + sparrow for this loveliness.


j&k // guest book

for our wedding, I wanted to handmake so. many. things.  my day job got a little in the way of crafting all day, but I can’t complain because everything came together so well in the end.  while some of my ideas never came to fruition (floor-to-ceiling paper flower wall as a backdrop behind our sweetheart table?  yeahmebbenot…), thankfully some of my other ideas were much more practical.

for our guest book, I knew I wanted something different that we could read on a regular basis instead of an album collecting dust on a shelf somewhere.  so when I came across this post and read how Megan browses her frame every day, I knew this was the perfect option for us.  I thought about different artwork options for the center of the frame, and finally settled on nail art (yay for finally doing a project found on pinterest!).

Boy Wonder put it up on our dining room wall last week, and I love reading (&rereading) everyone’s well wishes :)

jk album

studio calico kits

I had been eyeballing all of the past, present, and future studio calico kits for a few weeks, and even started using up my current stash of products to justify starting a subscription earlier!  but no, I was set on joining at the beginning of next year, when more of my stash would be gone.  and then I got an email that changed everything.  buy january’s copper mountain and get december’s blue note for free?  why sureeeee.

studio calico kitoops.